• MyRotaPlan finds all your Wasted Hours and Thin Hours.
  • MyRotaPlan will generate your Management and Financial reports and Payroll information
  • MyRotaPlan requires no software installation and is 100% Web based.
  • MyRotaPlan will generate your Noticeboard rotas – which can be emailed to the team..
  • MyRotaPlan is intuitive and is supported with training videos.
  • MyRotaPlan requires minimum Management input time.

We guarantee a payback for your investment.


Daily & weekly rota plan

Rota ideal deployment planner

Costed weekly rota and Forecast rotas

Rota risk & opportunity review

Team weekly payroll costs

Team department planner

Rota shift lengths & breaks review

Automatic deduction for Breaks

Overtime Pay Options

Multiple Payrate options per employee

Analysis of Front of House and Back of House productivity

Analysis of Management workload